Not your normal studio. . .

You may have noticed that we here at Bombshell Tattoo are not your typical Edmonton tattoo artists, our award winning team of fine arts schooled tattooists are all practiced and dedicated artists first, tattooists second. We may be a bit quirky but our artistic and talented team are a new breed of creative and unique tattoo artist. We pride ourselves on the quality of our custom work and are consistently reviewed as one of the best tattoo studios in Edmonton because of these artsy fartsy backgrounds.

Upon visiting our store you will probably notice that it is a world apart from your normal Edmonton tattoo shop, and a world apart from Edmonton itself! From the tattooed horse mannequin, Hawaiian murals, pirate decor and customer graffiti wall, to the rum bar and tiki collection, there is always something new and quirky about Bombshell Tattoo just waiting to be explored!

With so many tattoo studios in Edmonton, why get tattooed at Bombshell?

Our award-winning tattoo artists go to great lengths to ensure that every client receives the best possible tattoo, and tattoo experience. Our trained and experienced tattoo artists will listen to your ideas, and help to counsel you on the perfect custom design, size and placement of your new tattoo.

Our crew here at Bombshell Tattoo are all fully trained in all aspects of the tattooing process, from design to application and aftercare and are always available to answer your questions and concerns. We are available to contact via telephone during store hours, and email or Facebook after hours. Its just one of the ways we go that extra step for our clients.